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Top High Roller Casinos

Top High Roller Casinos

You can be American and live in Asia or Australia. You can be a billionaire and afford to lose 10 or even 30 million euros in 15 days without complaining. And you can also be a small player and still be part of the VIP Club of the top high roller casinos.

Open an account may be free on best online casinos, not all platforms are as grateful as we would like. And for good reason: to seduce us, no online casino is too good, nothing is too generous. Tested for you, the platforms that know how to best manage their regular players.

Do we really need to be VIP

‘We are unfortunately unable to satisfy your request. We only reserve this kind of offer for our VIP members ’. Although we play regularly on the same platform, we are still waiting to be part of the loyalty program. The problem is that we are still waiting for the VIP invitation.

Why continue to play at the same casino if our consistency is not fully appreciated ? Most of us will answer that they prefer the reliability loyalty benefits. All you have to do is consult the player reviews and the list of scammers casinos.

Taken aback by this annoying habit that some casinos have of politely asking us to get out of the chat (for the benefit of those who have priority), we dug the membership conditions and loyalty benefits of the best online casinos.

And we found 3 top high roller casinos.

Make sure you are playing at a trusted NetEnt casino

The top high roller casinos: Not allowed to say no

The definition of the player high roller, this is the high roller.

And contrary to popular belief, playing big at the casino pays off, just fine more at some. But there you have it, nothing that a very small group of reliable online casinos are able to offer and high stakes, and worthy rewards of our efforts.

Tips and tricks : you will have to be flexible in choosing your next online casino. Because if you want too much, you inevitably get less. For example, if we are uncompromising when it comes to reputation, we will have to accept conditions related to bonuses. Or if we take advantage of a casino offering excellent alternatives to Neteller like Papaya, it will be necessary to comply with the practices of granting bonuses, such as for example the negotiation with the online chat provider.

Most Profitable Casino Reviews

Royal Rabbit, Recent Casino who knows the business

If we are very open by nature, we are nevertheless far from the easiest. Technical error annoys us, patience exasperates us and refusing us something is a serious lack of professionalism.

Also, if we are not very tolerant with the new online casinos, we have had the chance to discover some new talents. For having tested their different VIP Clubs, the Royal Rabbit casino is the new star of the top high roller casinos. Because not only does this platform know how to manage its customers, but in addition it continues to amaze us, even two years after its appearance.

Best Royal Rabbit Casino Bonuses

And precisely in the area of ​​customer satisfaction, Royal Rabbit invests in the quality of support and does not hesitate to grant daily surprise bonuses (i.e. 7 per week) to the most faithful. Among the other VIP benefits:

  • Loyalty Bonuses
  • Personalized Assistance
  • Additional Bonuses

Wild Sultan, the unmistakable benchmark

If you are looking for all the action of the top high roller casinos, you may be disappointed with Wild Sultan but rest assured, this is the first impression we all had when we introduced the famous chests among the VIP benefits.

The thing to keep in mind is that this casino gives bigger rewards to players with more deposits than withdrawals. Obviously, loyalty points, cash bonuses and other advantages are on the program but they are however less valuable.

If the new Wild Sultan loyalty program has been criticized a lot, this casino remains one of the favorite sites of players because it is the only one to offer spin tournaments every week and to show off flexible in the event of a hard blow (high rate of reimbursement on losses). For example, one day for no apparent reason Wild Sultan VIP players received a surprise 100% deposit bonus up to $ 100.  To avoid spoiling anything, when it comes to player assistance: it is difficult to benefit from better service.

Wild Sultan good deals review

Be the first to test the exclusivity between VIPS

If you are a fan of exclusive promotions and immediate membership in the loyalty program, you are going to enjoy playing on JOKA Casino.

In addition to an exclusive offer for new registrants who open an account via our links, this platform is one of the few to offer really interesting and personalized loyalty offers. Among the best Joka Casino bonuses, priority on withdrawals, no maximum bet allowed under bonus and weekly cashback.

Find out more about JOKA Casino Bonuses

The operation of the loyalty program is essentially based on your activity. If you don’t abuse bonuses and don’t commit too much cheating, this online casino will reward you. Casino JOKA relies on personalized loyalty, and among the best VIP advantages:

  • 24/7 dedicated support worker
  • Priority withdrawals
  • Cashback
  • No max bet
  • Reduced Withdrawal Limits

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