Kathy Devine

After moving to Hobart in 1990 I became a Poet/Performance Poet & was published in ‘Tasmanian Poets’ publication.  In 1991 was selected to be part of ‘The City of Hobart Art Prize’ and the following year entered University of Tasmania Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree – Painting Major.
Unable to finish this degree after two years due to family illness, I began my career nevertheless by exhibiting in Hobart & then Launceston where I spent several years as a teachers aid art teacher.
I also took part in joint exhibitions in and around Sydney in 1995 – 1997. At this time I joined an art group called Synergy and with this group exhibited in and around Hobart & Launceston from 1994 – 1998.
1999 after a move to Coonabarabran in inland New South Wales where I won first prize in Sculpture (after completing Welding & Thermal Cutting at Coonabarabran Tafe), I was then asked to teach Design principles for Fine Arts (Module No. 7461F) at the same Tafe.
During this time in Coonabarabran I took part in performance painting during the Torch Relay for the 2000 Olympic Games, had several exhibitions, became Head Steward for Section M (Art & Craft) in the Coonabarabran Show; became member of & began fundraising for the following organisations:
Coonabarabran Arts Council, Film Society, Drama Group, Speakers Club & Arts Out West Incorporated.
(Note:  Also during my time in country New South Wales: – Official Judge at Binnaway Annual Art & Craft Show, Mentor for Australis Self Made Girl at Narrabri, Adjudicater for Movement & Dance Shakespeare Globe Centre Western Region Youth Festival & assisting in the Annual Festival of the Stars.)
Moving to Northern New South Wales after this time, I began my degree from Year One again at Southern Cross University in Lismore (Bachelor of Visual Arts Degree) & completed all but one subject which I am now completing at Rozelle Campus.
During my time in Northern New South Wales I have had many exhibitions in the local Galleries and opened my own, (which is now rented while I am in Sydney) & assisted for several years in curating for the annual Fehva Festival.


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