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Baccarat With Live Croupier

Baccarat With Live Croupier

Also called Punto Banco, this is the most popular card game in land-based casinos. Everyone gets two cards and bets on the hand that comes close to a total of 9, without going over. The advantage of playing Baccarat with a live dealer is to follow the action live on a gaming table filmed and broadcast in real time, and therefore to rediscover all the authenticity of indoor games.

Baccarat games are certainly no longer just for James Bond. Moreover in the range online gambling with live dealer this is a premium variant. And for good reason, the odds are favorable to us, the rules of the game are extremely simple and superstition is at its height.

The best live dealer Baccarat games

If the live dealer Baccarat variants were limited until now, it is quite simply because the rules of the game are simple and that we must add innovative features to bring a little novelty. And precisely, in terms of innovation, some platforms are references, for example Wild sultan.

Test the Live section of Wild Sultan

Most casino game publishers specializing in live tables therefore mainly offer Multi Player (multi-player) versions, for example Ezugi, Vivo Gaming and Visionary iGaming (which feed the casino Lucky31).

However, the arrival of new and young talents such as Asia Gaming (found on Bitstarz) upset the competition. Main advantage of young people: their art of mastering new technologies, and therefore of being able to create versions VIP (high stakes), games of Progressive Baccarat and above all to be able to communicate directly.

Top Casinos with Baccarat with live dealer

The most successful Live Casinos are the casinos powered by Evolution Gaming. This multi-award-winning live specialist is a publisher of games that are won over by all platforms, but only the best have won.

Among the new casinos for example, only STAKES and Bitstarz offer the much appreciated Live Baccarat Squeeze and Control Squeeze.

The STAKES Review

Belgian casino may be a benchmark casino with a nice live section, its cashback of $ 10 on live games is rather skinny.

We much prefer the bonuses from the VIP program of Lucky31 (awarded upon registration), a live casino which is one of the most popular with big players. The icing on the cake is that on Lucky 31 there is a lot more to choose from, including in terms of live dealer Baccarat.

New top high roller casinos

Small Baccarat Lexicon with live dealer

  • card peek : right of inspection, possibility given to the biggest players to look at their cards knowing the others.
  • bonus dragon : This is a side bet (Dragon Bonus side bets)
  • equalities : side bet on the value of the tie bet
  • high roller : high limit right and / or card peek
  • in-running : additional betting right during the distribution
  • no commission: the bank wins and pays 1: 1, except if the banker wins with a total of 5 (then it will be 0.5: 1)
  • peers : Vegas annexes Small / Large or Pairs
  • progressive : Vegas Annex Progressive Jackpot
  • Vegas to Standard Baccarat : The players win and pay 1: 1, the bank 0.95: 1, equality 8: 1.

Rituals and Superstition in Baccarat

The superstitious rituals of Baccarat players are one of a kind. Squeeze the cards between his fingers a little more each time, just to damage them.

Choose to uncover each card partially, in all directions and several times in a row, just enough to create the suspense of the magical pair of 9s.

Some even blow on their cards, just to 'throw off' the wrong numbers.

In Baccarat, you just have to make the right bet. While in the dining room, players take turns acting as bankers, in online baccarat it is the dealer who will fulfill this role.

Which hand will win, that of the dealer or the player?

And if a Baccarat player wins several games in a row, would it be in our interest to play on the same table to have as much luck? ?

The answer in your next sessions… on live casinos reliable.

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