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Good Gaming Resolutions

The resolutions of the New Year are stressful. Like we can be as new as the new year again. We wanted to know what the real good gaming resolutions were, let's talk little, let's talk well.

Several weeks have passed since New Year's Day and it's time to set our gaming resolutions. At a time when the alcohol fumes on New Years Eve are just starting to dissipate, we decide to find the line at the casino.

Number 1 in Good Gaming Resolutions

Probably the only one that works in the long term: it's never too early or too late to make good gaming resolutions.

It is important to realize that if many of us have already given up, it is because we are simply putting too much pressure on ourselves. Why not start by setting small, realistic goals rather than fabulous long-term goals ?

And then as a player, you know very well that you never win in the long term so you might as well play it a little less ambitious. Be nice to yourself; customize your resolutions to be able to hold them better.

For example, instead of promising to play less this year, select play limits in your player account. Online casinos LasAtlantis, Red Dog Where Highway for example, allow you to personalize your playing time and your bets.

2. Always remember to have fun

Above all, the game should be fun. Why spend time and money if you don't like it ? So here's the second of good gaming resolutions: when you're not having fun anymore, Take a break. Not only your game budget will remain intact, but in addition you will enjoy even more future gains.

This resolution also applies to the less adventurous among you. Of course, it's very tempting to only play on online slots known to be generous, such as the Playn 'Go slots or the famous DoA. However, when you make it a habit you end up getting bored - which is a shame when you're passionate about the game !

So remember to change from time to time, try something completely new. If you are a slot machine enthusiast like many, and are learning to play a table game or try 'Other Games' - a category always on the menu of online casino games, but often forgotten. You never know, you might find your new favorite game !

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Keep a Journal

Let's be frank: navigating through the gains and losses is not easy. Unless you have a photo memory, you probably have no idea your current relationship with Dame Chance. To keep things in perspective, keep the details of your sessions in a journal. It simply allows you to better control your spending, or at least become aware of it.

Some keep paintings Excel to compare their gains - losses every month, others rely on specialized and paid programs. Our advice: use an old notebook or create a new page on your computer and write the date of each of your gaming sessions, with the name of the game, the casino and how much you won or lost. It just takes you a few seconds, and it's the most effective way to take control of your business.

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4. Know When to Claim a Bonus

Finding online casino bonuses is definitely the easiest. Just go to a search engine or consult forums or player guides to think of getting the best deal of our life.

On the other hand, taking the time to find the right casino promotion: that's something else. You only have to see the number of complaints resulting from a misunderstanding of bonus conditions on famous online comparators.

However, if you do not take the time to consult the rules of a promotion, you can only end up regretting it. In addition, you miss the other real good deals. Remember to come back regularly to Casino promotions - history of comparing the latest offers that are worth it.

5. Try a New Online Casino

Having your favorite sites is reassuring. But when you're playing on the same platform all the time, you're missing out on new things - whether it's games, free bonuses or features. If, for example, you are one of the regulars of the good sultan, you may not be aware that the Highway casino has had a facelift or that STAKES offers several times a week unconditional bonuses in the form of free spins.

There is nothing terrifying about finding a new casino, you just have to compare the player reviews on the top rated sites. Consider consulting several lists of Top-rated reliable casinos, and read recent reviews of the ones you find most.

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Health everyone, may the new year bring you lots of nice gains.

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