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Microgaming Finds the Perfect Balance Between Real and Virtual

Microgaming Finds the Perfect Balance Between Real and Virtual

The right dose of virtual reality in Microgaming's new Roulette VR 2016

Virtual Roulette in real mode, the new challenge that Microgaming has taken up

We don't stop progress, especially in iGaming

Whatever our opinion on the best online casino and whatever our favorite gambling games, being a fan of iGaming loves innovation. Truth be told, the engines of iGaming are new technologies. The largest providers of virtual games know this well and are redoubling their efforts to conquer our soul as players and those who are passionate about technological news.

There is one software that has recently managed to stand out from the crowd by relying heavily on inventiveness: Microgaming. For those who weren't there this early spring at theICE Totally Gaming (International Casino Exhibition) - the adult fair for casino games - you missed an Oscar ceremony at the Gaming absolutely amazing.

Microgaming is reaping the rewards of its labor

Not only does the renowned software make a series of successful games, but it also makes the right bet by betting big on innovation. The pioneering developer of the industry shows remarkable inventiveness with the creation of its new range of casino games for real money in virtual reality. And it is with the VR Roulette that he ventures into the field.

The demonstration of the prototype at the Microgaming CRYO Lab was the highlight of the show during ECI 2016. The Premium developer clearly announces the path he is taking by exhibiting his 3D innovation: the Virtual Reality Roulette.  The path of Virtual Reality technology would not be precisely the one taken by the industry??

Concept of Virtual Reality Roulette

We saw it in the movies, Microgaming did. Virtual reality has always made us fantasize, whether we are a fan of video games or otherwise. Microgaming worked for several years on this virtual reality casino game, which quickly went from a project to a prototype stage.

For those who missed the demonstration at Microgaming's Virtual Reality booth, this new 3D roulette game from Microgaming works with what we think are big glasses: the video game headset Occulus Rift.

This helmet, which offers us a 360 ° view, allows both virtual and real immersion. Needless to say, it is highly publicized and even seen by some as the future technological revolution of all time.

Just wear this virtual reality headset with integrated controllers and webcam to enter the interactive three-dimensional gaming environment. Once equipped with the Occulus Rift helmet, we are transported into space! Surrounded by planets and asteroids, we start our game of roulette in virtual reality, led by a robot croupier. With the back of our hand (which is quite visible on the screen), we push the asteroids that interfere with the game and play with the rest of this fascinating setting that ingeniously mixes the real with the virtual.

At the pit, several players could try the game simultaneously as each had their own helmet. The virtual reality headset

While Microgaming is not the first developer to create a virtual reality casino game, nor the first to use the Occulus Rift, the exposure of the VR Roulette at ICE was a memorable success. We have never played for real money this variant of roulette!

Not to spoil anything, this once again demonstrated that online gaming is moving towards virtual reality and wearable technologies.

The rise of Microgaming

If there is one game publisher that takes all the stakes, it’s Microgaming. Among his best recent innovations, there are Thunderstruck via Android Wear that gamers particularly appreciate. The positive opinions were unanimous, since Microgaming has chained up the rewards (title of the best innovation in the Global Gaming Awards last year and this year)

Whatever your take on Microgaming games, there's no denying the rise of the game provider. This celebrity, he owes it to his inventiveness and he completely deserves it.

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