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Microgaming, Star of the Global Gaming Awards 2016

Microgaming, Oscar winner at the 2016 Global Gaming Awards ? What a surprise, the casino giant rewarded again!

Still, there have been quite a few changes and revolutions in online gaming since the 90s. One thing that has remained intact, however, is the success of Microgaming. So we can at least cite the awards that have been awarded to him:

  • best innovation
  • best slot machines
  • best progressive jackpot wins

It has now been three years in a row that Microgaming has won the award for best digital product at Global Gaming Awards 2016. What is its miracle recipe and above all, how can we benefit from it? We tell you everything.

Who are you, Microgaming ?

The first online casino to appear in the world was a Microgaming casino. He has since become one of the most popular online casino game developers.

Until today, Microgaming games have rarely disappointed us. Take the slots Terminator 2 and Jurassic Park, they have nothing to do with Dim Sum Win Sum slot. But to be completely honest, this award was mostly given thanks to the Microgaming / Quickfire partnership. Without this contract which binds it to the innovative platform, Microgaming might not have been rewarded.

That goes without saying; the most well-known casino game publisher made the right bet with the launch of Quickfire in 2010.

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The Global Gaming Awards 2016

The event Gaming  prestigious was a real treat this year. Everyone who had the chance to attend indeed had great moments of suspense due to the strong competitive spirit that reigned in the hall. It must be said that we expected Microgaming to be rewarded. Still, when the name of the supplier rang in everyone's ears, the adrenaline rush was indeed there.

As we said in our previous article, the Global Gaming Awards 2016 took place in Las Vegas last September. This event aims to reward the best shots of the year, whether online or hard of the year.

No less than 12 Oscars were used to celebrate the biggest hits in the industry. A jury made up of 60 experts voted and elected the winners. Microgaming thus emerged from the ceremony Oscar winner, with endless congratulations from the biggest names in Gaming . A famous gambling guide editor congratulated Microgaming on Global Gaming Awards 2016.

We picked what he was particularly keen on: apparently many people would be amazed by the star supplier's continued efforts to maintain his reputation.

But we know that all of the praise this year is mostly for games Quickfire Powered by Microgaming (for example, Immortal Romance or the Game Of Thrones slot)

Tight Competition, Prize Awarded for Accuracy

Like every year, the competition was fierce. How could it not be with suppliers of casino games each more talented than the next? Moreover, the majority of judges Global Gaming Awards 2016 congratulate Quickfire for its impact on the entire industry gaming digital.

The platform feeds the poker games and of bingo Microgaming and also covers the different game modes. For example, games Quickfire on mobile and live dealer are on the menu. Authorized in many jurisdictions, this is the year Quickfire truly reap all the fruits of his labor. It must be said that this is not a small player: she powers more than 400 online casinos and has more than 600 Microgaming games to her credit & Partners.

The Bottom of Microgaming Success

Another thing to remember about Microgaming is that it plays in the big leagues.

The most well-known provider of online players and casinos does not rely on their talent alone. He is aiming higher and also hopes to conquer the entire industry (see our article on his latest award-winning find, the Virtual Roulette)

To do this, he makes sure to apply the best strategies to invest in the best way.  For example at the beginning of the year, Microgaming launched a powerful and very useful tool for online casinos; Quickfire iQ. This is a tool to help operators Quickfire to improve their services.

The principle of operation is a bit the same as that of a Smartphone. It is about relying on a smart casino tool, allowing control over free games or casino promotions. It is also used to optimize the navigation of the online casino and its service to players.

Far From Done with Microgaming

You have to be content with a little when you're a Microgaming fan living in the USA. Legislation requires, Microgaming accounts made in the USA should all be fenced. Theoretically speaking, because even if Microgaming has withdrawn from the American market, we will continue to play Microgaming slot machines. And most of us know how (VPN masters will recognize each other). For American people who are lucky enough not to live in the USA, it's easy. They still play on Microgaming, and therefore have access to the best games such as the Mega Moolah slot. You can also choose to play on a casino with download if you have chosen the right country, for example Luxury Casino.

Another news that should delight most of us, SkillOnNet casinos will soon incorporate Microgaming games, through the Quickfire platform ... Anyway. Microgaming is heavy. And we intend to continue to enjoy it.

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