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New Wild Sultan Loyalty Program

Loyalty pays off with jackpots as a reward. This is what the casino Wild sultan online offers its VIP players in adopting a unique level crossing system. Whatever the player level, at Wild Sultan loyalty is paid according to real money bets.  The kind of loyalty offer: Topaz, Jade and Sapphire jackpots up for grabs.

Wild Sultan is not just the best online casino around. It excels in several categories, and recently reached new heights thanks to its new loyalty program. Compared to the old VIP program, there is definitely better. Here's why Wild Sultan deserves its place among the best US online casinos.

Wild Sultan VIP Level Crossing

Some may have been a VIP player for several years in the same online casino, the rewards are sometimes mediocre (when we see the color, by the way). As regulars, we don't often feel like we really are among the privileged.

Take the cashback bonuses (reimbursement on losses) which always seem more interesting than the others. The loss threshold, the wagering applicable on this kind of bonus, the maximum withdrawals ... Sometimes the conditions of use are so demanding that the gift quickly becomes poisoned. We would even go so far as to say that the advantages of promotional offers reserved for new players are often more numerous than the VIP advantages!

At Wild Sultan, this is definitely not the case. And among the new advantages which are frankly very happy; upgrading to the next VIP level and infinite VIP levels.

Theoretically, it is necessary between 30 to 120 minutes of play to go to the next level. But in reality: the level crossing is calculated according to the number of parts made on a slot machine, or 'hands' on table games), as well as the average value of your spins / hands.

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Joining the Wild Sultan VIP Program: Why It's Worth It

By becoming a Wild Sultan VIP player, we become more than a privileged customer.

Remember the terms of the old loyalty program Wild sultan. Formerly composed of only 6 levels which were named after gems, it is now unlimited. That being said, the operation should be similar:

  • Level 1: Achieved as soon as wagering requirements are met
  • Level Following: Can be crossed from 1,000 points loyalty. Contains a cash bonus and a loyalty point multiplier
  • Level Superior: Can be crossed from 8,000 points loyalty. Contains a cash bonus and a loyalty point multiplier

The most advantageous VIP levels seem to be passable by invitation only. They contain cash bonuses, win multipliers, personalized support and priority chat, faster withdrawals and exclusive invitations to events.

If we remember correctly, the best Wild Sultan VIP levels in the past were:

  • Level Sapphyr: Can be crossed from 300,000 points loyalty. Brings all Emerald benefits a step above and even easier withdrawals
  • Level Diamond: Can be crossed from 1,000,000 points loyalty. Brings all Saphyr benefits a step above and even easier withdrawals

Now, to move from one Wild Sultan level to another, it all depends on the stakes, the type of game and the length of the game.

Connection of Points and Loyalty Levels

The Loyalty points redeemable in the Wild Sultan gift shop for various bonuses and are calculated as follows:

  • 10 euros real money bet on a slot machine Wild sultan = 1 point
  • 40 euros in real money wagered on others casino games Wild sultan = 1 point

What has changed for Wild Sultan VIPs? Each time we manage to accumulate points, we now also cross loyalty levels.

These levels are endless, there is no limit.

How to climb the ladder ? By betting as much money as possible and as often as possible.

Every time we cross a new level of loyalty on Wild Sultan, specials and surprise offers fall on us as well as a mystery chest is offered to us. There is an exclusive offer in the safe that we are excited to open - it could be bonus cash, free spins Where super spins of slot machine, or one of the famous Wild Sultan jackpots.

Program Loyalty Offers

At each level crossing, you unlock a chest. This chest contains loyalty offers, including one of the Wild Sultan jackpots.

The value of these loyalty offers is based on playing time, not losses. These can be cash, Free Spins (small stakes slot games), or Super Spins (high stakes slot games).

These rewards can be granted from time to time by the online casino, but also during participation in a weekly promotion.

Win the Jackpot

Let's move on to how the famous Wild Sultan jackpots work. Like the progressive jackpots, the Wild Sultan Loyalty Special Jackpot is funded by wagers made by all Wild Sultan players.

At some point, the jackpot falls but not completely at random.

Indeed, the more our loyalty level is advanced, the more chance we have of winning the Wild Sultan jackpot.

Good to know: The Wild Sultan jackpot can be won between 3 and 4 times a weeke and its value varies between 50 euros 2,000 euros. Only the biggest VIP players access this jackpot.

Wild Sultan Casino Promo Review

After a redesign of the welcome promotional offer, which now contains a no additional deposit bonus, it is obvious that this site deserves its place of absolute reference for US online casino players.

Relentlessly, Wild Sultan seeks to perfect his performances, and always with the desire to offer something exceptional.

Having tested various online casino VIP programs, we can say that Wild Sultan's is one of the best. As usual, Wild Sultan is not only responding to demand, but ahead of many online gambling establishments with a genuine sense of service.

Wild sultan

  • Free Spins without Wager
  • Bonus without additional deposit
  • Top Support

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