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Deposits and Withdrawals at the Casino by Bank Transfer

Deposits and Withdrawals at the Casino by Bank Transfer

Managing your money well when playing online is quite an art. And if we can get help from a competent person, it is our banker. So yes, he will be watching over our transactions. And while he will always welcome cash inflows, he will often be wary of our depositing money at the casino by wire transfer.

But playing accompanied is a real asset, and we all need it. This is the reason why all honest casinos like Stakes, and Wild sultan accept payments by bank transfer while offering to set game limits on our player account.

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Let's play responsible

Bank transactions are actually recorded, traceable and therefore controlled by your bank.

This is annoying for some of us who tend to play a lot (maybe even too much). On the other hand, when our money is at stake, paying online has never been more secure than through our bank.

In addition, use your bank account to fund your bankroll online casino is a great way to regulate his game.If a deposit is refused by our bank, it is often for a good reason.

And then, no one forces us to make a deposit by wire transfer. It is possible on some platforms to only withdraw via bank transfer. Check with the online casino you are used to playing at to find out what the means of payment that are available to you.

 It's up to us to be serious while being cunning; play on online casinos with many payment options.

Advantages and disadvantages for casino players

The big plus when it comes to bank wire transfer, whether it's to make a deposit or withdraw your winnings, is that we don't have to go through a third party other than our bank.

As a result, the risk of identity theft and online fraud is greatly reduced.

So indeed, the processing times are longer than a transfer of funds via an electronic wallet, but at least the transactions are ultra-secure. Provided of course, to play on one of the best casinos verified.

Deposits and Withdrawals: Pay and get paid by wire transfer

This is the easiest way to transfer funds from one bank account to another.

In the world of gaming online, a wire transfer is one of the most used payment methods for depositing and withdrawing money:

  • Deposit to your casino account by bank transfer

Just get the bank details of the online casino and ask your bank to pay the desired amount directly into the casino bank account. Then contact the casino to make the deposit manually to your player account. Make sure you can provide all the information about the casino, namely:

  1. the name and address of his bank,
  2. his account number, RIB and Swift

Even if we prefer to use more discreet solutions such as for example the prepaid card or the electronic wallet, the bank payment remains the most used for online purchases. In the event of a problem or dispute with the casino, we can involve our bank. Remember to inquire about the minimum deposit amount required for a bank transfer (between 10 and 50 euros depending on the casino) and how long you will have to wait for the funds to be available.

  • Withdraw your winnings at the casino by bank transfer

Withdrawals by wire transfer require a little effort. After providing or downloading the requested supporting documents directly into our player account, the casino will need to analyze and approve them. This takes an average of 2 working days, and once the withdrawal request is approved, you will be able to provide your account number, RIB and Swift code (information normally appearing on your account statement).

Consider asking what are the transfer times and costs, because processing times and amounts vary depending on the bank.

Using your bank account at the casino

Bank transfer can be very useful but there are good reasons why we do not use this payment method a lot.

The major disadvantage of the transfer for players is the manual processing. Supporting documents, identification documents, bank authorization - sometimes it can be difficult to provide all the documents required to deposit or withdraw at a casino by wire transfer.

Depending on your region, bank transfer can also be expensive. In addition to the processing fees imposed by some online casinos directly on the deposit, the bank also charges an additional cost for this kind of transaction. This is why some online casinos only accept withdrawals by bank transfer if you have a few hundred euros in your balance.

Finally, the use of our bank account at the casino is not anonymous. This is also a barrier for American players who in most cases wish to deposit and withdraw at the casino discreetly.

The different bank transfer methods offered at American casinos today are Sofort (homebanking), iDeal, Trustly, Trustpay and WebMoney.

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