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Playing at a Bitcoin Casino

Play at a Bitcoin Casino

Popularized shortly after its appearance in 2009, this digital currency allows you to buy everything online.  And that’s the reason we have become adept at bitcoin casino.

the bitcoin is a currency, like no other. Because above all, it is a digital currency. This currency, which has been around for a few years now, is not only more and more popular but it is also a real boon to continue to carry out anonymous online transactions. Bitcoin could not be better, advice to casino nostalgic Neteller and PaysafeCard.

Casino and Bitcoin Bonuses

Bitcoin seems to be the currency of the future, and this is one of the reasons bitcoin cash and other cryptocurrencies have appeared in recent years. So far, US players have kept their distance from this new currency, bitcoin. And for good reason, not only does familiarization with this new payment method take time, but the price of bitcoin varies a lot.

Since we are used to odds, there are always chances that the spikes and crashes will be spectacular. Despite this, bitcoin has become a viable alternative payment method and there are more and more reliable bitcoin casino sites or casinos that accept it, for example Monte Cryptos.

What exactly is digital currency?

Bitcoins are digital coins that can be sent over the internet.

Imagine small keys, each made of a few dozen characters.

These keys, which are therefore sequences of characters, form unique and digital pieces.

These digital pieces, we can send them to whoever we want, instantly and irrevocably. Like cash.

This transmission of coins is made possible by a network that validates this type of transaction from one Internet user to another. This is called a peer-to-peer network.

This network will verify that the coins are not fake and that they fit from someone to someone else.

Understand how it works

If you've ever had to trade currency, you understand how currency exchange works. However, today there are online money changers that exchange bitcoin. There are several exchangeable currencies for bitcoin including the dollar and the euro.

So we can buy or sell bitcoins for euros. Our bitcoins are kept safe in our digital wallet.

Sending bitcoin is as easy as sending an email.

What can you pay in bitcoin?

Almost everything that is sold on the internet. You should know that there are even universities that accept bitcoin and that big brands like Virgin are very interested in it.  As a result, bitcoin has become integrated into real life and can be used to buy services or products online.

A bitcoin is currently worth around $ 500, but since it is a price and not a value and the latter fluctuates a lot, it can tumble as well as increase from day to day.

How to get bitcoins?

First, you need to find a reliable bitcoin seller site.

You can go through specialists who convert your euros into bitcoin, or exchange between individuals via a peer-to-peer (P2P) site. The most trusted popular bitcoin platforms are Kraken, Paymium and Coinhouse.

Before you can get bitoins, make sure you have a bitcoin wallet, which is actually an electronic wallet.

This wallet will allow you to receive, send or keep your bitcoins. Two ways to create your bitcoin wallet:

  • either online, through companies. You can access your portfolio through a browser
  • either on your hard drive by installing and downloading software, such as Bitcoin Core, available on Linux, Mac and Windows. One of the last more available and popular Bitcoin Wallet on mobile.

Create a bitcoin account and pay in bitcoin

Start by opening a bitcoin wallet, such as a wallet and feed it using either your bank card, by making a money order or via an electronic wallet.

Then proceed with the purchase of your bitcoins so that you can then transfer them to your bitcoin casino player account.

The casino's bitcoin address appears on the screen when depositing bitcoin. Copy this address and to transfer your bitcoins there, connect to your bitcoin wallet and copy and paste. Finally, complete the transaction on your bitcoin wallet.

Bitcoin withdrawal

For the Bitcoin withdrawal, you proceed in the same way but this time, it is you who enter your personal bitcoin address.

Start by making your withdrawal request and indicate the amount of winnings you wish to withdraw.

The bitcoin casino will then ask you to enter your bitcoin address so that it can transfer bitcoins to it.

Usually, the minimum withdrawal amount is 100 euros in bitcoin value and processing times do not exceed 24 hours.

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