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Choosing to play at a reliable online casino is certainly important, but you still have to be able to play. After the withdrawal of some of our means of payment favorites, the new Cashlib prepaid ticket is appearing on most best casinos American certified. 

The big question of withdrawals then arises, will the Cashlib Casinos be able to punctuate our gaming sessions as well as in Neteller's time?? And can you make Cashlib withdrawals or are we doomed to choose the bank transfer? Here are our tips and tricks for continuing to play at the casino discreetly, while using Cashlib.

CASHlib, new internet prepaid card

Making an anonymous and secure deposit is always possible

If the best casinos

have chosen to incorporate Cashlib to their means of payment, for a good reason.

Other payment solutions are available (for example the Upaycard), but the most reliable casinos have chosen cashLib.

The ratings and opinions of American players are unanimous: this is the top in terms of new anonymous payment methods.

Cashlib is our new convenient payment method

Rumor has it that some online casinos maintain Neteller as a means of payment for American players.

Believe it is telling the truth - at what cost could we continue to use Neteller exactly?

If it is to find ourselves dumped by the casino or worse, being refused payment of our winnings we still prefer to do without.

Especially for those to whom it has not yet happened, the platforms that still accept Neteller deposits deprive us of the online casino bonus that we were hoping for or the VIP player status that we should aspire to, so we still prefer to opt for another style of online payment.

Especially since those who used Paysafecard to make their deposits are not forced to choose the bank transfer - far from it!

  • Already, they can quite use Epro to remain discreet while using their bank card.
  • Then, as a great alternative to Neteller, there are Cashlib tickets which are on sale almost everywhere - gas stations, kiosks, tobacconists.
  • And finally, buying a Cashlib coupon online is what is done the most


No more Paysafecard and Neteller - so what ?

Why bother following the departure of our preferred payment method or blaming online casinos for their services??

Yes Paysafecard and Neteller withdraw from the USA and Belgium, we simply opt for a secure payment method, similar and accepted on reliable casinos.

Remember Neteller when it started in the USA - again we were reluctant to use this payment solution.

Change is scary, internet security too - that's why the familiarization with novelties is essential and consumer recommendations, reviews and ratings are essential.

Presentation of the Cashlib payment method

Use CASHlib to pay on the internet is just as secure and fast as with others electronic payment methods. This is quite simply a prepaid ticket, functioning like any other internet prepaid card.

Cashlib allows you to shop online without revealing your bank account or credit card number. Thus, this new payment method is 100% recommendable, especially since it is already used by many American players to make a deposit without leaving any trace.

Having a Cashlib wallet is simply going to the competition for Paysafe?

Cashlib tickets replace cash and therefore even if the ticket is lost there is no account risk hacked or fraudulent use of our bank card.

Let's get to know the new payment method

CashLib is a payment method offered by the EMP group - also owner of ePro. Its use is just as practical, discreet and simple as that of paysafe.

EMPcorp is the lucky winner and his theAward rewards the company which, in 2015, provided the best payment solutions.

Moreover, many American players already have a CashLib account and their opinion on this new payment option is positive even though we are seeing longer delays than when we still had Neteller.

Good to know: for having used our credit card on this kind of secure and recommended site, we confirm that it works perfectly well and that, in addition, discretion is guaranteed.

Cashlib therefore allows, like any internet prepaid card, to deposit money in the form of a coupon (ticket, voucher). The vouchers cashLib go from 10 $ up toto 250 $ and it is quite possible to multiply them up to an amount total of one thousand euros.

The best online casinos have already incorporated cashLib into their deposit methods, just take a look at Wild sultan and STAKES - who once again are reactive so that their players do not end up with the bank transfer or the credit card as the only means of payment.

However, you should know that even if the top online casinos accept Epro and Cashlib deposits, regarding withdrawals, we will have to wait a little longer. Indeed, making a Cashlib withdrawal request (operation with digit codes) will only be possible a little later and in the meantime, the winnings are most commonly paid by bank transfer.

How to buy a CASHlib coupon

Apart from points of sale that accept cash against cashLib vouchers - same principle as the phone card - they can also be purchased online.

The reference site on which to buy Cashlib vouchers is beCharge.

As in a point of sale, we choose the value that suits us and there is no registration or account registration beforehand. Payment is instantaneous, immediate use and the balance of the ticket can be checked online.

BeCharge is a site specializing in the sale of prepaid services on the internet. It is available in UK, the USA, Spain, Holland and Luxembourg.   This website for recharging prepaid internet cards via credit cards is the best way to quickly recharge your player or mobile account in complete safety.

Cashlib Casino Bonuses

Due to the novelty and success of the Cashlib online payment method, some exclusive bonuses online casinos are offered to buyers of vouchers cashLib in line. To benefit from these promotional offers offered on CASHlib tickets, simply purchase and deposit via CashLib on the following sites (attention; limited-time offers)


Highway Casino


Macau Casino

Lucky8 Mobile Casino CashLib

  • New No Deposit Bonus

Play on Lucky8
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