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Evoucher Epro, the anonymous solution

Evoucher Epro, the anonymous solution

If most of us prefer payment by credit card, it is because it is still the means of payment the most secure and practical. The problem with credit card transactions is their wording that is a little too intrusive. If deposits and withdrawals Neteller have indeed disappeared from American circulation, the best alternative is stillevoucher Epro

One of the world's most trusted secure online payment companies has thought to address the anonymity problem. This is'EMP Corp, specialized in electronic money and wallets. With the solution E-PRO, our deposits are simply converted into electronic money. Results; transactions are denominated ‘Online Payment’And make no reference to the merchant site.

Make a deposit via evoucher Epro: how it works

If you prefer payment by credit card, the best way to preserve your anonymity is to go through E-Pro.

No need to register on the official website Epro to achieve this; you will simply need

  1. be registered on a marketplace accepting the Epro evoucher, and
  2. have a valid Visa or MasterCard credit card.

Then choose E-Pro from the list of deposit methods in the section Checkout Where Deposit and you will be redirected to a secure payment page. All you have to do is enter the amount of your deposit and fill in the rest of the fields of the payment form with your bank details (including the security code on the back of the card).

Buying is instantaneous - and we mean talking purchase because technically you are buying a voucher who is discredited in a e-wallet managed by EMP Corp. Once the transaction is accepted, you should immediately see the funds appear in your customer account.

The benefit of converting your money into evoucher Epro

For American certified casino players, it is already difficult to find a trusted site that they can really rely on.

So if once they find what they are looking for, if the transaction ends up being refused to them, it is still better to go through a reliable intermediary and of confidence. A serious intermediary who will accept and have our deposit of money accepted.

E-Pro is still the most suitable solution if you are used to using your credit card

The only difference with the normal credit card deposit is thatu instead of submitting your bank details directly to the online casino, you submit them to E-Pro who will play the role of the intermediary.

Before opening a new e-wallet account or opting for bank transfer, consider this option as it remains the most secure of all.

Learn more about E-Pro

E-PRO is an electronic coupon (dixit evoucher) from EMP Corp.

This coupon is resold by First Remit Limited (UK), a financial service company certified with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs and regulated by UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as a payment institution.

When you choose to pay by credit card to supply your bankroll, the transaction takes place on the casino site itself.His system 3D secure allows you to receive a payment validation SMS.

However, since the disappearance of Neteller, credit card payments are no longer made automatically on a reliable and secure third-party payment terminal authorizing validation 3D secure, like for example E-Pro.

EPRO is indeed a certified payment solution secure 3D, this means that bank deposits by evoucher Epro are fully secure in addition to being quick and easy to perform.

3D Secure is therefore a guarantee of quality, absolutely essential for any MasterCard / Maestro and Visa / Visa Electron user

Online casino experience with evoucher Epro

We must say that we have found Epro and Premium Ticket very similar in terms of use.

All banking transactions have a wording, this means that they are generated with a merchant code that will describe the transaction (for example sports betting, online bingo, etc.). Even if the country in which you reside accepts this type of transaction, your bank is entitled to refuse it.

E-Pro (and all the services EMP Corp) offers users to purchase an electronic coupon that has a different wording - a wording that does not refer to online gambling.

This is why the secure online payment company EPro is so successful: more and more platforms are keen to become Epro casinos. Especially since its parent company now offers the Cashlib prepaid ticket as well as the electronic wallet MyWallet.

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