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The MyNeosurf Solution at the Casino

The MyNeosurf Solution at the Casino

Nostalgic for Neteller are delighted: the MyNeosurf wallet allows you to continue to discreetly make a neosurf deposit or withdrawal. Why haven't we used it more than that so far? Zoom on this excellent anonymous payment method too little known to the players.

Neosurf is coming to American casinos in force, and it is about time. Since PaysafeCard payment (Skrill and Neteller group) is no longer accepted on our favorite casinos, we admit that our online gaming experience took a big hit. We did the prepaid bank card comparison and playing at a Neosurf casino is most suitable.

Having remained in the shadow of Paysafe and Neteller for years, the company Neosurf took the opportunity to refine its services by creating Neocash and Myneosurf. Zoom on a method of payment still too little known which is now regaining in popularity.

Where to find Neosurf and is it reliable?

Until now, we only knew about Neosurf as a depository.

Worse yet, most of us think it's a must buy in a store! However, most online sites actually accept Neosurf coupons purchased online. This is the case with STAKES for example.

STAKES Player Reviews

Finally, it's not so bad that Neteller is gradually disappearing from our favorite certified casinos because we had fallen in love with it blindly.

So much so that we have not made the effort to look at alternative and equally practical payment solutions such as CashLib. Now that we are facing the wall, here are some tips and tricks on the Neosurf deposit and withdrawal.

Mainly known to players as a means of online deposit, Neosurf is both a prepaid card (Neosurf, Neocash) and an electronic wallet (for those who have a MyNeosurf account).

Neosurf arrived in the USA in 2004 and debuted as a prepaid card for online shopping. 10 years later, the American group is one of the best in internet payment solutions. For those who do not yet know it, it is possible to buy a Neosurf refill online. Neosurf withdrawal is accepted via transfer to your Myneosurf account.  Use is completely secure thanks to IP address verification and SSL data encryption systems (used for securing online payments).

Neosurf cards are available in most European countries including Belgium and Switzerland.

Pay at a Neosurf casino

There are two ways to get the Neosurf prepaid card;

  • use the tool geo-location on the official website of Neosurf to see which is the nearest Neosurf point of sale. The Neosurf ticket contains a confidential code (like old phone cards) and is on sale at approved tobacconists
  • buy a Neosurf code online directly on Myneosurf. The Neosurf prepaid card is rechargeable. It is associated with a personal code which is reusable.

We did the my neosurf test on my account because, like any online casino player, if we play on the internet, it is not always to go out and buy a top-up.

So we have create a free MyNeosurf account  - no bank details, no fees either.

  1. The email address will be important (make sure you enter it correctly). Also make sure you provide the correct address and phone number. Neosurf systematically checks postal and telephone contact details.
  2. Once the account has been created, we now have a MyNeosurf wallet. You can now credit it directly online by credit card or opt for the check or bank transfer. When making a deposit, we will only have to enter our 10-digit personal code.

If you prefer however try Neosurf without creating an account, go to the store and buy a Neosurf ticket at 15 euros, 30 euros, 50 euros or 100 euros. Then all you have to do is indicate the confidential code on the back of this ticket when making your casino deposit.

Getting paid at a Neosurf casino

Who said that Neosurf withdrawal does not exist?

Just watch the video on the official website to know that when you play online, you can withdraw your winnings with Neosurf.

If the so-called guide sites hide it, for us all the truths are good to say and we will not hesitate to inform you.

We received payment of our winnings from a neosurf casino directly into our Myseosurf account. We had several options:

  • replay our winnings,
  • transfer them to our Neteller portfolio
  • or collect them from the distributor.

We chose the three.

  1. We used part of our winnings to deposit again at a Neosurf online casino
  2. Since we also have a Neteller account, we have transferred part of our earnings to our other electronic wallet and we are using it for some internet purchases
  3. We purchased a Neocash MasterCard ($ 14.90) by ordering it online at NeoCash website and withdrew the rest of our earnings from a MasterCard ATM

How we did?

We simply made a Neosurf withdrawal request at the casino and our winnings were received directly in our virtual Myneosurf wallet. With a little delay we admit (5 days), but at least no bank trace.

We make you want? Read on..

Neosurf withdrawal with NeoCash

If you have a Myneosurf account, you have the electronic wallet.

And like any wallet, this account is used for cash inflows, cash outflows, stock and game budget management).

In 2011, the group Neosurf Cards SAS decides to facilitate our transactions by offering us a reloadable credit card. To concretize this service and make it absolutely legal, Neosurf has chosen MasterCard as its partner. The NeoCash MasterCard card thus appeared at our newsagents and tobacconists.

It works exactly the same as the Net + card and if you have one you know you had to provide as documents to get the Neteller MasterCard.

Neocash, how does it work

The Neocash will be used to withdraw at the counters but also to reload beyond 100 euros. However, it will be necessary to provide proof of identity such as copies of invoices. However, you will never be asked to provide your bank details.

Point of sale transactions and online transactions are free, but if you withdraw your earnings with your Neocash MasterCard at the ATM, there will be a 2 euro fee.

Also note that if you top up your Neocash by Neocode ticket, the costs are between 2 euros and 7%, however if you choose to top up your Neocash by credit card or by transfer, there is only 1 euro of costs + 1.5 %

Good to know: Neosurf authorizes a limited number of withdrawals from the bank account

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