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Play Casino with Neteller

Neteller, one of means of payment most regretted

Almost all online gambling sites were Neteller casinos. Those who were able to accept our deposits (and especially our withdrawals) via the electronic wallet made the right bet. Can we expect better payment solutions from them?

American players particularly appreciated it, and the fact that it is no longer available in certified American casinos (legislation requires) is considered an attack on our freedom.

While waiting to settle our accounts, let's take a closer look at how to continue using this online payment option which has become essential.

Hopefully our expectations and needs will inspire the competition..

Neosurf on the way to dethrone Neteller?

Real money players, get acquainted with a discreet type of payment

One of the constraints of wire transfers and credit cards is discretion. Indeed, even if these means of payment are the most secure, they do not guarantee anonymity.

Our banks take a dim view of the game - it's a fact.

If our account statement is a personal document, we know very well that our banker will know everything about our gaming transactions (another violation of our freedom, just by the way). As we imagine his face as we plan to ask him for a new checkbook, we think of a payment method anonymous and instant, that would leave no trace of spending money.

This is what Neteller understood, by offering us the possibility of paying or receiving our earnings without leaving a trace, via an electronic account.

The new electronic payment method has appeared on raffle games sites and best casinos online since 1999.

How it works with Neteller?

To play for real with the money in our Neteller account, all you need is a funded account. You must first register on the site https: // in order to get his free account.

Registration is done in several steps, including a call from customer service on your mobile to verify your identity. Although no banking information is required to obtain a Neteller account, it will be necessary to provide them if you want to fund your Neteller account with your bank money. In this specific case, you will simply have to link your bank account or your credit card. This will allow you to make money transfers to your Neteller account. Once the Neteller account is funded, it can be used to make a deposit at an online casino and, if the online casino offers it, to withdraw its winnings.

Make a deposit with Neteller

On the online casino you have chosen, go to the section Payment Where Checkout (Cashier Where Bank in English) and select as deposit method (also named Deposit) Neteller. You will then be asked:

  • enter the amount of your money deposit,
  • enter your e-mail or Neteller account number
  • enter your security code

Then click on ‘to confirm' Where 'deposit now’. The funds are transferred to your player account immediately or at short notice.

The best Neteller Casinos

Even though most internet casinos still accept Neteller, be aware that there are deposit and withdrawal limits on most and most importantly, almost all do not grant a bonus if you choose to pay by Neteller.

Certified and accredited casinos such as 7red, for example, offer an alternative that has become fashionable since 2014 in the USA, the internet prepaid card.

Paysafe being part of the same family as Neteller, no longer available to American players. However Cashlib and Epro are excellent alternatives, anonymous and fast.

Neteller Bonuses

Even if you are not very familiar with e-wallets, there are some great benefits like securing your data that should make you take a closer look at the Neteller e-wallet. We can actually talk about improved data security with this payment method since you do not share your bank details with the online casino, but with Neteller. The risk of fraud or interference by hackers is therefore reduced to nothing. Other good reasons to use Neteller at an online casino:

  • Quick and easy to use, with Neteller support available 24/7
  • Use of funds immediately after funding the Neteller account
  • Account or credit card statement mentioning Neteller and not "Games"
  • Zero deposit fees to your casino account with Neteller
  • Benefit from Neteller bonus, most in the form of cash-back in some casinos

Stakes Casino Neteller

  • Bonus No Immediate Deposit
  • Up to $ 250 Bonus
  • 100 Free Spins Offered

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