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The OchaPay Solution at the Casino

The OchaPay Solution at the Casino

OchaPay is a single-use payment card that works either as a disposable voucher or linked directly to the account MyOchaPay. Secure, discreet and serious: this new payment option is spreading more and more on online casinos looking for an alternative to Cashlib.

This is one of the new means of payment the most promising anonymous that exist. Its operation as a coupon is similar to that of the Cashlib prepaid ticket. As a virtual card, OchaPay is similar to EcoPayz : just create an account MyOchayPay to obtain the OchaPay card, usable in the same way as a bank card.

Where to find OchaPay and is it reliable ?

At a time Voucher single use and rechargeable payment card, OchaPay attractive because it is a deposit and withdrawal method anonymous. Created by the London company London Multigames Ltd, the OchaPay coupon is quickly becoming one of the best alternatives to CashLib.

Here too, the security of transactions is ensured by alphanumeric encryption. This type of payment (with a unique code) prevents any attempt at fraud, which is ideal. So no bank data required, on the other hand it is mandatory to create a OchaPay account. Registration is free and is easily done via the activation link sent by email.

The transaction usually only takes a few seconds, payments are made discreetly and some new US casinos already accept it, for example Lucky8.

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How it works

Works great online or via laptop, OchaPay mobile has its own downloadable app.

For temporary use, the coupon OchaPay - voucher disposable is still the best solution. The principle is the same as that of the coupon or the prepaid ticket;

  1. Just find a distributor OchaPay and buy him a coupon
  2. a coupon code is issued immediately and recorded under the “Coupon purchased” section of your MyOchaPay account
  3. Log into your OchaPay account
  4. Access your coupon code
  5. Enter the code written on this coupon on the online merchant site to pay instantly.

My OchaPay also exists, as a more personal and more durable solution, and above all more suitable for more regular customers. The advantage of the OchaPay card is that it facilitates the usual procedure.  The operation is the same as with the OchaPay voucher, you must register on OchaPay and recharge your account. Then just use your personal OchaPay card to pay online.

With a virtual card MyOchaPay indeed, it is possible to simply top up your OchaPay account, linked to the OchaPay virtual card. Then, all you have to do is enter your card number on the online merchant site to pay, as with an ordinary bank card.

Pay at an OchaPay Casino

Whichever platform you are registered with, if you see the logo OchaPay that is, this deposit method is accepted. All you need to do is select the deposit via OchaPay and enter the number of your coupon indicating 2 numbers of your PIN at random and your payment via OchaPay is confirmed.

You should know that the coupon OchaPay is valid for one month, however if it is not used in the 48h this coupon is automatically canceled and the amount is refunded to you.

Also, it is important to understand what a single-use coupon is: Make sure you know the exact amount the purchase you want to make before paying with your coupon, because it will be spent in full.

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