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Parions Sport Reviews

Parions Sport, a name that leaves no room for doubt. An annex site of the americane des gamex, Parions Sport is entirely dedicated to sports betting. No turf or poker, but around twenty disciplines and much better ergonomics than before.

We still have to make our own opinion Let's Bet Sport from players online, just to see what to expect. We therefore tested this online betting site and share our feedback. Sports offered, odds level, game moderators, welcome and loyalty promotions ... Read on to find out more.

First impressions on Parions Sport

The name of this bookmaker could not be more obvious, but it was not always the case since it was previously called Parions Web. It was not until 2016 that it changed its name, to become this establishment dedicated to football, tennis, basketball and much more predictions !

Approved by ARJEL (the Regulatory Authority for Online Games), which has also changed its name to become the ANJ (the National Games Authority), this bookmaker is all there is more legal for American players. It is also secured so that your funds are never risked other than in sports betting.

For once, everyone has more or less their own opinion Parions Sport. No wonder, given the reputation of the parent company. The dominance of white and blue with the clover as a logo is a reminder of this.

Parions Sport is a site of the americane des gamex, but this is the branch that deals only with sports betting. Here, there is no lottery, Euromillions and other bingo grids, all this remains the business of the americane des gamex herself !

The advantage with the fact that Parions Sport belongs to the americane des gamex, is that you only have one account to create. Your registration on Parions Sport will also allow you to identify yourself on the americane des gamex website, if you want to change registers and fill in a small lotto grid from time to time.

How to deposit funds in order to bet online ? As you will discover shortly, the deposit and withdrawal methods are not very varied but perfectly secure. After all, what could be more normal for a legal operator accepting American? !

Open an Account on Parions Sport

To register on Parions Sport, you will need to provide your email address, date of birth and phone number.

You will need to choose a strong password, and you can opt or not to receive bonuses and communications various from the site. Given the excellent reputation of the bookmaker and the generosity of the promotions (which we will discuss later in this review, updated in 2020), our first Parions Sport review: it is better to tick this box.

You will then have to give your name, first name, city and country of birth. All this will have to be confirmed by the copy of your identity document which you can send now, but you can also do it later.

Be aware, however, that you will need to do this at some point within 30 days of your registration, this is a standard imposed by the National Games Authority, which you will find at all approved bookmakers. This may sound tedious to you, but understand that this is a matter of security, both for you and for the online gaming / betting operator.

Thirdly, you will have to indicate your address. Finally, to complete this registration, you must enter your IBAN, indicate the limits you want to set and send a copy of your RIB or IBAN, this last point can also be done after registration.

Having to specify playing limits upon registration is a very good point, which proves that Parions Sport cares about the health of its players and that it advocates responsible gaming.

Once again, it should be understood that giving your RIB and IBAN does not in any way allow Parions Sport to carry out any debit whatsoever. Your bank account details are only used to enable you to cash in a profit.


Most of the American ARJEL approved bookmakers offer to use only bank transfers to pay players. The same goes with currencies. Focused on Europe and especially on the USA, Parions Sport only accepts the euro.

With more than three million players on the clock and new registrations every day, Parions Sport never ceases to seduce fans of sports betting. However, it does not offer a very large number of payment methods, quite the contrary.

However, it is only when you send a copy of your RIB and your ID that you can start playing for real money:

  • Deposit Methods: Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Paysafecard
  • Withdrawal Methods: Bank transfer

Deposits start from $ 5, which is perfect for those who don't want to invest a lot of money, at least initially. For the welcome bonus, you will still need to place a minimum of 20 $. We will analyze the value and the conditions for obtaining / using in more detail shortly, and this will also influence our overall Parions Sport rating.

Sport betting withdrawals

In terms of withdrawals, softness and simplicity are always the order of the day since you can also demand a transfer from $ 5 to your account ! You shouldn't have to wait long to receive your winnings, transfers are usually triggered within 24 hours of the player's request.

Hope you are not against bank transfers, because for withdrawals, this is the only option available to you. However, this is neither a surprise nor a point that penalizes Parions Sport compared to the competition.

Cancellable withdrawals

Payments within 1 working day, after receipt of supporting documents

Last Test: Speed ​​of Withdrawals

  • April 15, 2020: Withdrawal request via bank transfer (75 $)
  • April 16, 2020: Supporting documents approved and Withdrawal Validated
  •  April 20, 2020: Earnings received on the bank account.

First Bet Refunded Bet

  • American Games Security
  • Up to $ 150 Free Bets
  • Live Streaming & Live Tracker

Play on Parions Sport

Sport bets

Football, tennis, rugby, but also water polo, rowing, judo and all possible and imaginable sports ! This is one point that characterizes Parions Sport, and it is its ability to offer us all sporting events of all disciplines.

Not only does this bookmaker allow us to bet on a whole bunch of sports, but in addition, the bets for one and the same match are very numerous. So, on a tennis match for example, you can decide to play in a classic way by determining the winner, or to turn to something more original, by betting on the winner of a specific set, the number of sets. in total ... or why not even the result of a point at a precise moment of the match !

For very popular sports like football, it is obviously possible to play in the big leagues, but even the small competitions are accessible. Therefore, even when you imagine that no match is in progress, there is still surely one.

Bets can be placed before the start of a match, but also during. Moreover, you will have the possibility, subject to having funds in your account, to watch the Parions Sport matches live directly on the bookmaker's website. It’s not surprisingly the live football matches that we can most often watch.

Better Chances of Winning Your Soccer Bet thanks to the Soccer Mercato

Sports betting promotions & Bonus conditions

Each bookmaker offers different bonuses, although the welcome promotion often takes more or less the same form. To form a true Parions Sport opinion, we have reviewed the various offers on this site, necessarily focusing on the one you can take advantage of immediately after your registration.

Welcome Bonus

The amount of this betting match deposit offer has been revised up quite recently, which is okay with us. Parions Sport now offers us a refund in free bets up to 100 $, paid in twice. But this is a bit of a special cashback since you are entitled to it no matter what, whether your first sports bet wins or loses !

Thus, you will be able to obtain 50% of the amount of this first sports bet within the limit of $ 50, offered in the form of free bets to be replayed on the site. This amount is paid to you as soon as the bet is won or lost.

The remaining 50% is distributed as soon as you have confirmed your account, always within the limit of 50 $ and always in the form of a free bet.

You will only have to replay these free bets once. Then you can freely do what you want with it.

The Boosted Combi

There are different ways to bet: on a single match or on several at the same time, within the same bet. In the second case, the odds increase rapidly since two odds of 2 taken in a single bet already form an odds of 4 !

But Parions Sport believes that these odds are not going up fast enough yet, which is why it is offering you up to 50% surcharges on your winnings. The principle is very simple: the more you have combined bets, the more your percentage increases.

Thus, from 4 combined bets, the bookmaker pays you an additional 5%. From 14 bets accumulated in one, the percentage increases to 50% !

Temporary Promotions

If online gaming establishments generally offer a temporary offer here and there, with Parions Sport it is an avalanche of ephemeral bonuses available to you.

Usually, these offers allow you to earn freebets, that is, free bets to be placed on the matches of your choice. When you play freebets and in case of winning, the amount of the freebet is then withdrawn from the amount won.

If, for example, you bet a freebet of $ 10 on odds of 3, and it turned out to be a winner, then you win 10 x 3 - 10 = $ 20.

From time to time, these offers that last only a few days are much more generous, and delivered in the form of cash. The amount can then have several zeros, which we always accept with pleasure ! Sometimes, it also happens that the lot is tickets for a football, basketball or rugby match.

The CashOut

This is not really an offer, but rather an interesting feature that Parions Sport has been offering for a few months, and which is also offered by other bookmakers.

With this function, you can withdraw part of your stake, depending on the progress of your bets. Let's say you have a 5-game combination bet, the first 4 are winners, but you ultimately doubt the PSG result you took in the fifth game. You can use the cash out option and, in this case, you will recover an undoubtedly interesting sum, higher than your initial stake but obviously lower than that which you would have received if you had taken directly the 4 matches only.

When, on the contrary, a football or other bet has gone badly, you can opt for the cashout before losing your entire stake permanently, but know that you will only recover a small part ! It’s always taken !

More about Parions Sport

If this bookmaker appeals to its customers so much, it is not only for its bonuses, its security and its stability. It is also thanks to well-thought-out ideas that we form the most positive Parions Sport opinions.

Being able to bet even if you don't have the Internet is one of those brilliant ideas. Imagine for a moment: you want to invest a good sum of money on a match where you are sure of the outcome, but at that point, disaster ! Your internet connection doesn't want to know anything anymore.

In order not to miss the gain of a lifetime, you just have to go to one of the many points of sale and tobacco shops affiliated with Parions Sport - you will have no trouble finding some, there are some. all over ! - to validate your game ticket, in paper version !

In the event that this time you have access to the web again, but your computer is down, then you still have the possibility of playing online with your Parions Sport account, thanks to the mobile application of this bookmaker.

Without any danger for your phone, it will allow you in an instant to place your bets as you see fit, in a way just as ergonomic and fast as behind a PC.

Customer service is there to answer all your questions, either by phone from Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sundays and holidays from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., either by email or by live chat. This last option is of course the fastest and most direct. You can even communicate with support by mail, although this is probably not the most suitable method !

Verdict of the Parions Sport Reviews

Parions Sport opinion and final feedback: rather positive.

The fact that we are facing a legal bookmaker and all that is more honest is of course an essential point, that said they are indisputably the welcome bonus as well as boosts on combined bets which really make this site a must.

Being able to play in paper version is a feature that will also find its audience.

Obviously, it can be compared to other bookmakers with an ARJEL license and also operating for many years in this sports betting market. Each player will find in one of them the one who suits him best, but there is no doubt that Parions Sport is a benchmark to be relied on for many years to come !

Play at Parions Sport Online

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  • Boosted Combi Offer of Your Choice
  • Top PC Ergonomics & Mobile

Play on Parions Sport

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