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If we are told scratch cards, Loto and EuroMillions, we necessarily think of La americane des gamex.  With the experience gained by this group, FDJ opinions are necessarily reassuring. But is such a reputable online gaming operator as good as he claims? ?

Among the 25 million American scratchers and punters, the returns are mixed. Especially for online gamers. Some don't want to hear about it. Others swear by the American juggernaut who once had a monopoly.

First impressions on the FDJ

It is also called the FDJ and it even has its own subsidiary site on online sports betting; Bet Sport. One thing is certain, the americane des gamex leaves no one indifferent and spills a lot of ink.

Lately, it is its privatization that has caused a lot of talk. At the end of 2019, the American state divested itself of 52% of its FDJ titles. Result: door wide open to investors who also want to enjoy their share of the pie, with a few shares on the stock market.

Originally, it should be noted that the americane des gamex was created in 1933 to help the wounded of the First World War. Moreover, even today, the UBFT (Union of the Injured of the Face and Head) is still the second largest shareholder of the group.

But what games has the FDJ offered to remain competitive for almost a century? ? How to play online ?  What to know before embarking on a formal registration ? To give us an FDJ opinion of online players, we have checked all these elements.

The very famous logo of the FDJ being mainly blue and white, logical that the interface of the site sports the same colors. This page gives us a lot of information. On the menu, a mess of games, the last winnings of several million and, of course, a tab that allows you to create an account.

Open an FDJ Account

Registration is done in three steps. The first will ask you to enter your email address, phone number and date of birth. Also choose a password, and choose whether or not to receive personalized offers and information from the FDJ.

In the second step, you will have to specify your name, first name, country and city of birth. All this must be confirmed by sending a copy of your identity document.

Why this additional formality, which is not found everywhere ? Quite simply because la americane des gamex is a company recognized by ARJEL, in other words the Online Gaming Regulatory Authority. This authority is the body which, in the USA, decides which casinos and which bookmakers can offer real money games.

Therefore, sending a copy of your identity document is necessary to comply with the legislation and the obligations aimed at identifying persons prohibited from gambling and minors, but this sending may be done later, in a deadline of 3 months maximum after your registration.

Thirdly, you will have to indicate your address, check the box specifying that you have read and accepted the FDJ regulations, and copy the captcha.

Once you have registered, you will be able to see in your personal space a Playscan status, which is an element put in place to promote responsible gaming, which we can only welcome. This Playscan analyzes your way of playing and associates it with a color code. The closer you are to the green, the more reasonable you play. The closer you get to red, the more problematic your gambling is.


We are not on any online gambling establishment, and this also applies to its ancillary site devoted to sports betting. La americane des gamex is an entity in its own right, which aims to be radically different.

So don't expect to find the payment methods that you are used to seeing. In return, flawless security of your funds is guaranteed down to the last penny, and withdrawals are made as easily as quickly !

  • Deposit Methods: Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Paysafecard
  • Withdrawal Methods: Bank transfer

Some will say that the one and only withdrawal method is not enough and we understand their concern about this information. However, you will have absolutely nothing to fear from having to give your RIB / IBAN in order to be able to receive your funds by bank transfer.

When it comes to securing user and transaction data, you can go there with peace of mind. Millions of American players already trust him whether it is a question of making a deposit or cashing in their winnings. You can therefore confidently invest funds that will be easily and quickly cashable. Moreover, the proof is very simple to provide: here, there is no question of imposing a minimum so that you can withdraw.

Good to know before playing on the FDJ online

You intend to switch $ 5 from your FDJ account to your bank account ? No problem. Not only will this withdrawal be effective despite its meager amount, but in addition, it will go quickly. To be precise, withdrawals are made within 24 hours, provided of course that you have provided a RIB.

Note that, although the site (by virtue of the fact that it has an ARJEL license) only accepts euros, the presence of PayPal and PaySafeCard in the means of payment still allows you to use another currency. The conversion will be made at the time of payment, and you will then actually play in euros.

If for any reason you need to get in touch with customer service, you should know that this can be done very easily.

First of all, you have a very well-stocked Frequently Asked Questions, which should answer most of your questions. If that is not enough, do not hesitate to call the americane des gamex by phone, the number is not surcharged. Finally, you have the option of writing an email to the team, which responds very quickly. Also note that the deaf and hard of hearing also have a solution from support.

In addition to scratch cards, draws, bingo and sports betting, La americane des gamex has a site called " FDJ esport ". As you can imagine, it is now e-sport that is in the spotlight.

Here no real money bets, only a few free money bets are available from time to time. The goal of this site is to popularize video game competitions in order to, perhaps one day, allow the legalization of real real money betting in the virtual gaming world.

Optimal Safety on the FDJ

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FDJ Lotteries and Drawing Games Reviews

The site of the americane des gamex is unsurprisingly composed mainly of scratch cards. These are what the site calls Illiko games because they are games of chance with immediate results. In other words, you virtually scratch and you know directly what you have won. Simple and effective, this is what the FDJ mainly offers since you can online scratch on 71 different tracks among the 85 available.

Astro, Banco, BlackJack, Number Fetish ... you certainly know at least a few. Prices vary widely, ranging from 0.$ 25 for the cheapest games, to $ 15 for the most expensive games.

In between, a number of other bets available. The winnings are also variable and it is not always the most expensive titles that offer the biggest jackpot. Still, the maximum gain for each game goes from $ 100 for the less generous, to $ 1,500,000 for the most profitable.

Finally, there are also the lottery games. In this type of entertainment, players compete against each other in the same draw to win the amount at stake. 10 titles of this kind are thus available, with stakes ranging from 0.$ 20 to $ 3, and with a jackpot between $ 500 and $ 100,000.

You will not find a tab reserved for sports betting on the site of La americane des gamex itself. It is the Parions Sport bookmaker, which is in fact a branch of the FDJ, which is responsible for offering bets on various and varied sports.

As for the essential draw games, online FDJ opinions are necessarily positive since the best are on the program. Except Live Bingo games & Multiplayer, the most popular are:

EuroMillions - My Million

the popular game open to players from all over Europe starts at $ 2.50, with options that can increase the stake and potential winnings. As you know, this is a draw in which you have to find the 5 numbers and the 2 star numbers, among the 50 numbers and the 12 star numbers. The probabilities of winning are obviously very low, but the minimum jackpot is up to this probability: 17 million euros ! Two draws take place each week: Tuesday and Friday.


Quite similar, however, the lottery offers slightly less chances of winning since it is not open to all of Europe. There are only 49 numbers and 10 lucky numbers. You will have to guess the 5 numbers again but will only have one lucky number to find. Obviously, the winnings are revised accordingly since the jackpot is 6 million euros. Enough to still put a huge amount of butter in the spinach ! A lotto grid costs $ 2.20 and the draws take place on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Keno Lifetime Winner

As the name suggests, this game allows you to win up to $ 100,000 per year, for the rest of your life ! Two draws take place per day, one at noon and one in the evening. There are 5 possible bets: 1; 2; 3; 5 or 10 $, and you have the possibility to tick from 2 to 10 numbers. Of course, the more you bet, the more the maximum payout increases and the same goes with the numbers. You will have to find the 10 numbers, with a bet of 10 $, to touch the 100,000 $ for life ! It's up to you to choose between low winning and high chance of winning or the other way around !


This game is actually a sub-category of Loto and Keno. When you validate a grid of one of these two games, you have the possibility to also validate a Joker grid+.

The principle is simple since when validating your Loto or Keno, a 7-digit combination is generated.

During the draw, one of them is drawn. Whoever has the 7 numbers in sequence then pockets no less than $ 500,000.

This Joker + option is available from $ 1, but the different options can increase this stake up to $ 8.

FDJ promotions & Terms of use

Difficult to form an FDJ opinion on promotions since there is no fixed promotional program.

Regarding the sports betting offered by the same group, however, there is a reload bonus and free bets. Sports betting fans do benefit from some interesting promotions on the Parions Sport site. Welcome bonus and cashback are the key words !

In terms of online scratch games, the offers are personalized. Therefore, you must be registered and play on the FDJ for real money regularly to receive FDJ bonuses by email.

The only promotions that can be found on the FDJ site are for larger sums than others. These are offered from time to time and in particular during special events such as Friday the 13th for example, or for a public holiday.

The colossal amounts of jackpots offered in the lottery or EuroMillions are then enhanced.

More about the americane des gamex

The FDJ indeed attaches great importance to the concept of responsible gambling, which is why from the home page, you can read information about the voluntary ban on gambling.

Tips and tools are also available to help customers play recreationally. Our FDJ opinion regarding safety and responsible gaming is very positive, with this group doing everything they can to make the players feel good here.

In terms of ergonomics, the online FDJ site sometimes suffers a few slowdowns. This is the only downside, and again. The delays remain temporary and appear only during the loading of the site. In any case, this is what we found during our last tests carried out, always with the aim of sharing our own FDJ opinion. However, this slowness is absolutely not felt when you use the americane des gamex app. Indeed, the FDJ app is highly compatible and the sessions are fluid.

As soon as you have an internet connection, you can validate your lotto grid or the game of your choice. This option, very practical for those who are often on the move or who do not have a computer, allows you to play the same games, in the same way, with full access to all the features offered by the online site, result lotto, keno ... in short everything you need !

Verdict of FDJ Reviews

There is clear progress in terms of navigation and use. The interface has certainly undergone a facelift and so much the better because the result is stunning, the ergonomics are much better than before.

Otherwise, it's hard to feel more secure than on the most famous gambling site in the USA.

In terms of payments, not the slightest risk of being scammed since it is a certified operator ARJEL / ANJ. We can not go wrong by betting on a American operator as famous as the FDJ.

On the other hand, the other side of the coin: you will not benefit from excessive bonus money because the only promotions available concern online sports betting. To find out more, go to the Promos section of its Parions Sport ancillary site.

The fact that it is an authorized operator may close some doors but open another huge one: that of the security of our funds !

So, of course, we are limited in terms of choice when it comes to the types of games and promotions, but everything is also simpler since there is no more regulated or square than the americane des gamex.

Playing on an ARJEL approved site means first of all choosing safety. And to have a solid remedy in the event of litigation is essential for American players. If you play in an online gambling establishment outside of ARJEL, your experience may be going very well anyway. On the other hand, in the event of a glitch, we cannot count on this authority.

ARJEL or not so, we recommend that you always play on any licensed online gaming site, whatever it is. FDJ online review 2021: American players, don't hesitate to play the game.

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